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Slawit Ink is owned by PJ and his wife. He started Slawit Ink over 9 years ago using his amazing art skills to put designs from paper on to the skin. He specialises in Black & Grey and Portraits but is a good all rounder with over 10 years experience.. PJ has completed numerous cover ups and loves to do free hand designs straight onto the skin especially when doing Maori and Traditional Japanese designs. 
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Mesi joined the team in 2014 and now with over 6 years experience enjoys all aspects of tattooing and loves a challenge; a great all rounder. Mesi is an amazing artist who has tackled numerous cover ups and loves watercolour and realistic full figure pieces. Mesi started his career as an airbrush and graffiti artist. 
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Tom Cookson

Tom is the newest member to our team with over 5 years experience and has previously owned his own studio.  Tom is also a good all round artist doing tattoos from Old Skool Style to realistic animal portraits. Check out his portfolio to see some of his amazing artwork both on and off the skin.
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Paul Armstrong

After completing his apprenticeship at Slawit Ink some time ago, Paul is now an award winning artist specializing in Traditional tattoo, mandala and black & grey styles but is a great all round artist.  
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